Quench your thirst?


It’s 12 am in the dormitory.

You don’t have access to any soda in your room.

Your neighbors got none too.

Reasonably, you’d go downstairs and check out what’s available at the vending machines.

Sadly, in the basement, all you have is Pepsi series, Dole and Tropicana.

Standard American sweetness in Pepsi turned me down long ago already.

So, Pepsi and Mountain Dew were out of the game.

Dole is a weird fruit juice that is oversaturated with sweetness too. Kick this out as well.

Tropicana. A decent brand, but I wonder who made the decision to stock all those weird flavors – Pink lemonade? Peach Papaya? These tastes were again enriched with excess sweetness.

So it comes down to the judgment : To get a soda, or to go.

And I picked Sierra Mist unwillingly.

The final word? Yuck.

Lemon-lime soda… I never like lime … except in Vietnamese drinks 😛


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