looping the shuffle opening animation for 10 times.

i realized a fact

– Dreams never been able to taken away, neverthless…   Lisianthus
> the dreams are always off track.

– I wish to stand still, as I would.   Nerine.
> Not at this point, but back to a time when i could stand still again… or restart as appropriate.

- I love you… so please do not love me…   Kaede. Fuyou.
> Forget it Kaeda-Chan. I won’t be paying $240 for a towel with you printed on that.

– That’s why I didn’t say. I never want to.   Asa. Shigure.
> What a nice girl, Asa – senpai. I admire you but that will never work out. You outta know.

– I can’t go, anymore.   Primula.
> Yes.. Midterms and papers are coming. Totally agreed.

-Your way will be the destiny…
You can be whatever,
to be the one…
> This is ridiculous in some sense. True in the other sense. I.E, mostly true.
Except the last sentence, to be the one.

– Wanna smile for you W@#@#@…

> making life clear without shuffles is no easy task, madam.

Meaningless enough for tonight.

Anyway, it’s still better than looping da capo opening…

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